John Wesley Fellow

The Society of John Wesley

The Society of John Wesley is a fellowship of individuals committed to the support and expansion of United Methodist Men’s ministries. Fellows in the Society of John Wesley are known by their witness, vision and stewardship that enhance and strengthen the mission and ministry of the church. The society was created by the United Methodist Men Foundation to promote greater awareness of the Christian principles and practices embodied in the church.

About the Society

In 1982 the directors of the United Methodist Men Foundation established the Society of John Wesley as a means of recognizing those who exemplify the characteristics of John Wesley. These characteristics are best seen through service to fellow men and women andcommitment to the teachings of the Christian faith. John Wesley called together such people to form “The Holy Club.” These men with varying talents and skills contributed to the rapid growth and spiritual enrichment of early Methodism.

Upper New York United Methodist Men who have received this recognition:

John Burlew

Ted Johndrow

Ken Summers

Ed Enstine


Susanna Wesley award winners:

Chris Doran

Vicki Putney Swanson